Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why all the drama?

Thank God I had remembered to set the volume of the answering machine to zero because when I woke up there was a message time stamped at 8:24 a.m. I had been having so much trouble sleeping and wow would I had been upset had this woken me up. Here is a transcript of the voice recording:

Hi Ed this is Ji-ho calling.

Um, I'm really sorry but I need to cancel our appointment on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Um, I think you want something more than I do and um, and it's probably not fair to either of us to meet and try to continue something that I don't think will work out in the end. But I do wish you a lot of luck. Um, it was ... I actually enjoyed having a bite to eat with you. Maybe not so much the conversation but the eating part was fun. And that -- that's a lot actually. So take care. And good luck with everything including your book. Okay, bye.

The first time I listened to the recording I was grateful that I would not have to meet her again, because I had been loathing this date ever since it was made a week ago. We were just going to watch some Canadian Geese. It was nothing heavy. But the tone of Ji-ho's message was as if we were fucking each other or something. What is this "I think you want something more than I do" crap? All I wanted was to watch some fucking birds with her, talk to her, get to know her some more, and be sure, without a shadow of a doubt that I wanted nothing more to do with her. I had no grandiose plans for marriage, children, sexing it up with her, or anything. And furthermore, what is this shit about "I actually enjoyed having a bite to eat with you. Maybe not so much the conversation but the eating part was fun." Don't tell someone you didn't enjoy talking to them. It's just sort of assholey, and if you enjoyed the eating part of the date, why don't you take this time to fucking thank the person for buying you all that shit that you ate? I remember that night. It was a $55.00 night. All I had was french fries, cake and coke. She ate at least $25.00 worth of food and tea. I don't mind spending money on a woman. It's just nice every decade or so when a woman thanks you.

Again, I'm glad she canceled. It was the 8:24 a.m. answering machine invasion that upset me and put me off for the entire day. The date was 5 days away. She didn't need to do this at 8:24 a.m. Why couldn't she have just called at a reasonable time and just said, "Sorry, this is not working for me." Why all the drama?

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