Friday, March 27, 2009

My caffeine headache

Actually the headache is coming from a lack of caffeine. My vocal cords are damaged. It is a long story. I will not get into that, but I am not supposed to be drinking coffee as it puts stress on my voice. I ignore the doctor's advice though drink coffee in smaller quantities. I had a very long convo with a friend the other day and a very long convo with my father. This put a lot of stress on my voice. And then, after agonizing over a computer programming problem for about a month and nearly going mad, I finally came up with a workable solution and decided to go out and relax by looking at Canadian Geese. But of course I needed to buy a Dunkin' Donuts extra large coffee in order to have something to drink while doing my bird watching.

My voice was a wreck the next day (yesterday). I had only a few sips of coffee. Unfortunately, like an idiot, I made a date for the evening. I think it was a good date but I should not have scheduled it. I had one beer during the date. Alcohol is also very bad for my voice but I didn't want to look like a girly man and it's questionable if the place even had ginger-ale -- they didn't even have Budweiser. (It was one of those bars that only carry funky beers that you've never heard of. I sort of hate that. It is so pretentious and the beers tend to taste like crap. The beer I had, which I think was called Narragansett, tasted vaguely like that anesthetic spray for when you have a sore throat.) I cannot blame myself too much. I asked her if she would like to go to a coffee shop, where I would have bought a non-caffeinated beverage. But this woman wanted to drink. Expensive wine too. My wallet is so light today. I was smart enough to not attempt to talk over the live music, which they started playing it about an hour into the date. It was loud. And I was sitting right near the band. My date suggested going to the back. But I was smart enough to call it a night. We talked for about an hour. That was enough.

I am drinking a coffee now. I will just have one coffee. I took two aspirin. I suspect the headache will recede. I think it already is, and I could try to get some work done. Ugh!

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