Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yahoo women

I used to have some money before I got clobbered with this economic collapse. I blew a lot if it on the most ridiculous things, such as a $500.00 laser comb that supposedly grows hair, Yahoo Personals membership, and a JDate membership. All these things are no more absurd and useless than the other. In fairness to JDate, I never gave it a chance. I only solicited one woman there. She was not only not Jewish, but came from Germany. I guess I was symbolically sticking it to JDate and the whole concept that Jews should meet Jews. (Just so you know, I am Jewish.) Unfortunately, consistent with the German stereotype, this woman had no fucking sense of humor at all! I also think that she was very naive and completely oblivious to the anger and resentment American Jews have towards Germans, which actually spans generations. Unlike many Jews, when I think of Germany, I don't think of Adolph Hitler, I think of Werner Herzog and my former roommate from college, an army brat born and raised in Germany, who I had a tremendous crush on. The German language gives me a warm fuzzy feeling just hearing it. As for Yahoo Personals, it fucking sucks. Many OKC woman have written me back. I have gone out with many, and many are very cool. But Yahoo women never ever write me back. I actually use Yahoo Personals now to screen out OKC women, as some of the Yahoo women are on this site too. This saves me a lot of time because I know to avoid writing the women who are also on Yahoo.

Yahoo women are truly an affront to all that is good and holy in the universe. Reading their personal ads sometimes borders on the surreal. One woman bitched and moaned through her entire ad about how she was with an alcoholic man, and how he chose the alcohol over her. I felt bad for her. I went to write her. But then I saw that she made 150K a year and required men to make at least a 150K. And I thought to myself, this woman is worth nothing. Aesthetically she is very average. There is no evidence of intelligence. But even if she was intelligent, her emotional baggage gives her a negative value.

I may get angry Yahoo women responding, asserting that am a loser. I don't care. I think their ambitions and priorities in life are extraordinarily petty. Only a naive idiot like me or someone who associates with Satan buys a Yahoo Personals membership.

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