Monday, March 23, 2009

Personal ad response to Hot4JewsAryan

I used to have a little money before the economy went to shit and went mad in November, pissing away a fortune on a JDate membership, yet I had not written one woman because I thought that they were all a bunch of yuppie assholes who would reject me. This is the first JDate woman I have ever solicited. She is quite mad because she is a gentile from Germany on a Jewish dating site. It's outrageous! Maybe it is German guilt that compels her to do this. JDaters must despise her. But I don't. I just think it's funny. The letter I wrote her is true. I do have warm associations with Germans, and it is not only because of Herzog, it is also because of a German roommate I once had who I had a tremendous crush on, who spoke a much softer, pleasant German, not like Hitler at all. The woman in the personal ad is 33. Blond hair. Looks like a total Aryan. I want her to bare them good blond, blew-eyed babies for me.

Grew up in Germany and not Jewish? You must not be the most popular person here on JDate. Jews tend to associate Germans with Nazis. I on the other hand associate Germans with German director Werner Herzog, and it brings up warm fuzzy feelings.

I think you look really cute.


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