Monday, March 23, 2009

Yet another letter to Comrad L

Let's combine forces we create a dating website for single lefties. What could we it? "Red Dates?" "Lefty Love?"

I am much more cynical than you are. I don't believe there are any Socialists left.

People don't understand what Socialism is. They think Socialism is Barack Obama or the Soviet Union. I stopped saying I was a Socialist in my profile. I think I was scaring the shit out of everyone.

I think you are perhaps the first Socialist I've ever met in a dating website. A Lefty Love website is a good concept, but how do you fund such a thing? We're Socialists, not capitalists. And, also, do we let the Maoists in? They will probably create a splinter group and subvert our entire idea. They'll probably force everyone to carry Little Red Books on dates. They will tear us apart like they did to SDS.

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