Friday, March 20, 2009

It was Harvard

I felt the need to compete with Ji-ho and put her in her place because she went to Harvard. It had nothing to do with her sex. Had she went to any school other than Harvard, Yale or Princeton I would not have felt the need to put her in her place.

This having being said, I remain unimpressed with Ji-ho. Harvard people symbolize all the unfairness of the world. I am just as smart as these motherfuckers. I deserve better. But I am relegated to a world of shit because I blew out some brain cells due to oxygen deprivation at birth. Harvard is not responsible for the injustices I suffer. They're just a symbol. I heard the word "Harvard." Buttons were pressed, and I went for her jugular. I still don't feel terribly guilty. She went to Harvard and she should have been able to handle herself better. It was however wrong of me to go after her.

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