Thursday, June 18, 2009

Michael Phillips: Portrait of a loser – Part 9 (The victims)

Michael Phillips (MJP) of, Professional Loser

I would like to address this comment posted in response to this blog entry:
yes.keep hammering away.he has wronged you and he should should file a law have the jury in the land would deny you.get what's yours.this is AMERICA,,this is's beyond important.
I think we must avoid the temptation to accuse me of overreacting. Yes, it is true that I am angered by the fact that I plunked down twenty dollars for a full year’s subscription to ATOM MIND, and 13 years later, I am still waiting for it. There was never even an explanation as to what happened. All I got was one issue containing MJP’s very Bukowski derivative poem, LIFESTYLES, and a whole lot of bad attitude from MJP when I attempted to get him to stop advertising for his beloved phantom ass rag mag on I cannot find any evidence that the publisher of ATOM MIND, Gregory Smith, actually exists. It is not out of the realm of possibility, given MJP’s self-described background in printing and proclivity towards self-publishing that he is actually Gregory Smith. But it doesn’t matter who the publisher is -- I am still waiting for the asshole to fulfill his contractual obligation and give me the ass rags I have paid for. I would have even accepted a simple postcard at the time, stating that the ass rag had gone under, provided that I was sent back issues.
But who are the real victims here? The true victims are the children -- the huddled masses of American youth, yearning to breathe free. It is criminal that they must read MJP’s deplorable poetry. Being the innocents that they are, they might mistake it for good poetry. They might even spend their lunch money on it. I can quite honestly say that I speak not for myself when I say MJP is a piece of human shit, but for the children of not only America but the entire world, the true victims of MJP’s poetry.
Don’t cry for me. Cry for the children.

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