Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm forgetting you already, Nance

All I could think about today was how badly I wanted to drink. I could not drink because I am getting too fat. I never like to drink two days straight anyhow. I like to take at least two days off. It took all I had to get two or three hours of work done. I don't blame myself. Most people would have given up a long time ago.

I saw Nancy's new facebook photo yesterday. I am not her facebook friend but I periodically check up on her facebook photo, because I am looking for the type of thing I just found. In her new photo she is with a tall, dweebie looking guy with glasses, receding hair, late 30's. Dress shirt. He looks like a CPA. He has one hand on her shoulder. They are in what looks like a jewelry shop. It looks like this guy was my replacement. For all I know I was her fallback guy and this was the one she was working on the whole time.

This is going to sound defensive, but Nancy truly looks like shit. Her face looks bloated and misshapen. She is smiling. It is a smile of contentment, perhaps a little excitement, but it isn't the heart-melting, child-like Nancy smile that I remembered from our skype teleconferences. This was not the Romanian Bond Babe I remember. Maybe there was never a Bond Babe. Maybe I created the Bond Babe in my mind. I was actually every pessimistic about Nancy ever finding someone, but I always thought that whoever she found would look a lot like James Bond. What is she doing with the dweeb? I would no longer consider her beautiful but certainly she is still awesomely intelligent. Couldn't she have done better than the dweeb? Is the dweeb more fun and crazy than me? I doubt it. What kind of children is the dweeb going to give her? They will look like dweebs. They will be mocked at school. My children would never be mocked at school because I would home school them. The dweeb could pass on his poor eyesight to his offspring too, and his kids will never have an opportunity to be Major Leaguers. It sickens me to think of the dweeb putting his dweebie mouth to Nancy's. Thinking about the dweeb and Nancy fucking is like thinking about my parents fucking. It makes me cringe. I know Nancy needs to have sex five times a day. I could easily do this. It's highly questionable to me if most men in their late 30's could do this. Does the dweeb know how to touch a woman? Is the dweeb going to lick her vulva properly and voluntarily? What if Nancy needs her asshole licked? Is he going to be able to do this or is he going to dweeb-out?

I don't want Nancy. She is evil. And my feeling is, Nancy and the dweeb can have each other. I actually feel sorry for the dweeb. I just find it fucking bullshit that I live in a universe where a dweeb wins out over me. I so kick this dweeb's ass.

I just removed Nancy from my skype, along with her cell phone number. I'm forgetting her already.

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