Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Michael Phillips: Portrait of a loser – Part 1 (Introduction)

There are some people in life that are like eczema. They are nasty and grotesque and irritating. When you think you’ve ridden yourself of them, they resurface. Michael Phillips is an example of human eczema. Michael Phillips runs, as of today, has an Alexa ranking of 2,921,898. This means that no one reads Like many freaks that I’ve met, Michael Phillips likes to go by initials. His initials are MJP. I contacted this human garbage called Michael Phillips ten years ago. I will reveal our entire correspondence in the next MJP blog entry. It was posted on a different website called The Fruitcake Outlet, that I have taken offline.

It angered me recently that this piece of shit had come back into my life. It is likely that he posted a comment to my comment on Facebook. Although I cannot verify that the Facebook Michael Phillips is the Michael Phillips, it’s highly likely that they are one and the same due to proximity to the LA area. Our mutual Facebook friends are Fast Cupid blog community people. (This makes sense that he his somehow associated with this evil, quasi-institution.) Whether the Facebook Michael Phillips and Michael Phillips are the same or not makes no difference. This blog will be coming to an end soon, and this asshole world has not even begun to pay. I have decided to crash and burn this blog, and we’re going down hard! I am designating Michael Phillips as this world’s symbolic representative. Michael Phillips is the designated asshole.

I believe Michael Phillips to be a loser. He has lost in life. He always will be a loser. His self-published written works are probably already yellowing. I’ve never heard of anyone who listens to his music. His art, if he’s ever sold any is probably eroding at the bottom of some land fill. As much as Michael Phillips so desperately yearns for a legacy as a so-called artist, there is no legacy nor will there ever be, for he is a loser. The most attention Michael Phillips is ever going to get is from my blog, which hardly gets any attention.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's the same Michael Phillips. That guy should really get a life.

Anonymous said...

yes.keep hammering away.he has wronged you and he should should file a law have the jury in the land would deny you.get what's yours.this is AMERICA,,this is's beyond important.