Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last Tango in Bad Sumo

Hi Camus Girl,

Just got your package. Thanks, Camus Girl. You're awesome!

"The Passenger?" What is this? I've never heard of this film. But it has Maria Schneider in it. I've seen her completely naked in "Last Tango in Paris" a long time ago. She was incredibly beautiful. I hope I do not have to endure seeing her naked again. It would torture me.

Humm, what happened to Maybe it's something else, but maybe it no longer exists because I stopped posting because Winteach didn't invite me to her fucking blog party in Lowell and everyone became so bored with the place that they lost interest. Maybe I made them pay, maybe I didn't. I like to think that I made the bastards pay! Winteach consistently made a grammatical error by not putting the apostrophe in "it's" for contractions. I cannot believe they let people like her teach.

I neglected to mention that I came across a movie only a few years old where one of the characters who was being held captive and being videotaped used eye blinks to convey Morse Code, similar to the character in my screenplay who used eye blinks to convey binary code. Maybe the writer had come across my screenplay. More likely the bastard was also familiar with videotapes of American POW's who attempted to pass on information that they were being tortured with Morse Code using eye blinks. It still sort of bothered me a little that this was my concept. Morse Code is no longer used also. No one would even know Morse Code these days, but they were taking artistic liberties, which I guess is okay.

So you see they've taken everything from me, Camus Girl. Screwing blow up dolls, eye-blinking ... all the great artistic ideas of this century, perhaps the millennium, stolen from me...



citykittyphd said...

Hey Dickie,

Just read your letter to Camus girl about badsumo. The key to that mystery is that it's called not But you are really missed on that site - at least by me, anyway - I rarely log in since you don't comment there any more. Now at least I know there is a reason. Why didn't winteach invite you? That was really mean of her if she had no particular reason, just wanted to be "selective" or whatever. Is Lowell where you live, too?

Dickie said...

Hey Kitty,

You have a blog here. Great. I am now a follower.

Well, I guess I didn't sink the Bad Sumo ship, but at least I compromised it by causing you to lose interest.

I don't know why Winteach didn't invite me. The party was only about 30 miles away from me. The Fast Cupid community never invites me to its parties. But I'm beyond it now.

citykittyphd said...

Hey Dickie,

I am afraid I very rarely post updates in my blog but I really enjoy yours. You are quite funny and original. I am not sure why they don't invite you. Do you make it clear that you'd be interested in attending? I think you have to pursue your own invitation actively, as it is a kind of loosely knit community, with people having different interests plus it is an internet community, after all. Did you contact any of the people who were organizing the blogfests? There is e.g. Violet, who I remember announced a while ago how many people she could put up in her apartment. She looks like a very thoughtful girl, I am sure she would have been happy to host you, too, had you expressed any interest in attending.

Dickie said...


I'm really not interested in being part of their community anymore. If you held a blog party in Budapest maybe I'd attend if it didn't break my bank.