Monday, April 13, 2009

Would you settle for a non-dominator?

A 41 year old says in her personal ad:

"I am interested in dating a short, stocky, blue-eyed Scorpio boy with an IQ over 140 who is dominant."

I thought perhaps she was kidding about the dominance and everything else, but she says later down in her ad that she is submissive.

I know I swore off beautiful women in my last post but the fact is that I adore beautiful women and cannot resist them. But how do I answer her? The only thing she's looking for that I am is a Scorpio. I will not write her. She sounds insane. But if I did, how would I? Like this?

Would you settle for a Scorpio, average height, not too stocky -- more athletic, green eyes, IQ of 95, who does not dominate or submit?

Does this woman have any idea how many people in the population have IQs over 140? That is more than two and two thirds standard deviations above the mean IQ. Perhaps one person in a thousand has an IQ above 140. She is out of her mind.

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