Thursday, April 23, 2009

A letter to one of my Fast Cupid inside contacts


My full name is Edward [UNDISCLOSED]. Pretty English sounding, eh? Though I am only 1/4 English.

You need to know where to go to go to the Blorgy. So it's really a private party.

Right now I'm dating some fast cupid women so am afraid to post blogs here, though I am going to try to make a post threatening to crash the Blorgy as payback for a nasty comment left anonymously on my private blog by someone here. If and when I get a window in dating, and I have the time, I assure you that whatever little love there is for me around here will be gone, as I am going to really let the blog community have it. I am not an idiot like [UNDISCLOSED]. It will be done with a lot more finesse. I have bottled up a lot of anger towards this community and I think it is not healthy for me to keep it inside.

You look good. I hope you're meeting some nice men.


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