Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is your google broken?

(I list my occupation on some dating sites as Comintern Agent.)

Dear Comrad L,

I told the woman who asked me what a Comintern Agent was that I was not at liberty to tell her. She hasn't written back. She never will. This is why I have no business dating. I have a bad attitude.

Hope you're riding the Darjeeling in your dreams. I often get drunk on Fridays when I am alone. It's too much to bare not being drunk, alone on a Friday. Sometimes I watch movies while drunk on a Friday. I remember very clearly "The Darjeeling Limited" being a drunken Friday movie night. I have no patience for movies when I'm drunk. I have no business watching movies or dating. I should at least be sober for the movies and drunk for the dates. That might work.


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