Friday, May 01, 2009

The face of evil

FastCupid user name: kzimerman
Real name: Johana

Where is it written that I can't expose scum-sucking evil FastCupid women? The only possible law that I could think of that I might be breaking is violating FastCupid's copyright. If FastCupid wants to sue me for linking to their public image I'll expose FastCupid for the fucking slimy pornographers that they are. Bring it on FastCupid! The only thing I'm really guilty of is bad etiquette. I spoke about Johana in my The woman who sucked the life out of me: Part 2 and The woman who sucked the life out of me: Part 3 blog posts. I'm tired of looking at this scumbag every time I log into a FastCupid affiliate website. She is on 24/7. Why is she on 24/7? She ain't blogging. Hum, maybe she's date stacking... Stay the fuck away from this woman. Believe me folks, I could have been out with a real woman [Cheryl] that day she canceled, but I'm not an asshole. I don't stand people up. Fuck her! This is what you get for fucking with The Ed. You get your face paraded around on this ugly website. And fuck anyone in this world who crosses me. Every single asshole out there is lucky I'm not doing my radio show anymore. I would make you pay. She's lucky I don't publish her e-mail correspondence. Fucking bitch. Fuck her. I'm angry. I am really angry. I will be going after some more people in the near future. I will be showing faces, naming names, and chewing bubble gum.

On the blog party front, I sent feelers and nobody solicited even a date and time of the blog party. Pissy motherfuckers. Fuck these bloggers and their pissant little club. I don't care if people are not going to like reading this. Fuck them. Fuck everyone. I'm angry. I considered spreading a rumor that I heard a rumor that someone attending the blog party had Swine Flu. This would have scared people vastly more than my threatening to crash their party. I decided not to because I felt that I had wronged Shakti (the party organizer) in a way that was below the belt by defriending her on Facebook. There will be another blog party in Lowell in the Summer. I will definitely crash this one, as it is close, and since I'm starting to cough and feel nausea I think I'm coming down with a bad case of Swine Flu, I will make sure to give everyone at this blog party a big wet kiss. Did I tell you I once contracted ebola?

There will be a very good chance that I will be moving this blog off of TalkWarrior onto blogpot. Why? The original purpose of this blog was to promote my radio show which I no longer do. I am no longer Moshe Moscovitiz, the talk warrior, or even Dickie Richards, just Ed, the crazy, angry blog guy. I will probably be removing the contents of this blog site and redirect from TalkWarrior to my blogspot blog.

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