Saturday, May 02, 2009

Personal ad response to Salem

I didn't drink last night but perhaps I should have been sober when I wrote this last night. She had these three crazy requirements. One was that I have a knowledge and understanding of both important Schumanns. O knew one, the German composer. The other I had to ask someone with a PhD for help. Apparently Schumanns' wife was a pianist.

By the way, this woman really was the cutest woman on Okay Cupid, though will not be showing her photo unless she agrees to a date and then stands me up. And if she's having a blog party (which she isn't), I will only crash it if she doesn't invite me.


I needed to outsource finding who the "other" important Schumann was to a company in India. I didn't trust the answer they gave me, so outsourced the research to a little company in Moldova, and I think, if I have translated the Romanian to English correctly, that I now know both important Schumanns. It was expensive, took a long time, but worth it for the cutest woman on Okay Cupid.

What kind of comedy writing do you do?


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