Thursday, May 21, 2009

Plan B beginning to look like a shit plan

So I'm sort of entering a new chapter of my life now. Or really returning to an old chapter of economic hopelessness and romantic hopelessness and a complete world of shit. Things are a little different now. Instead of pipe dreams of publishing novels to create lasting legacies I have pipe-dreams of creating families in economically disadvantaged countries to create lasting legacies: Plan B.

Due to the economy, Plan B isn't even feasible right now. It's still in the research stage and the research isn't promising. Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, one of the most miserable countries on earth, has skyrocketing real-estate rates due to housing shortages. I have heard that real-estate in Bukurest is more expensive than Boston. The most miserable places on earth are probably going to be the hardest to get a foot-hold in. I'll probably manage to get myself killed in one of these places. And if I do it, it would be poetic justice. I'm there in attempt to cheat nature. And how in the fuck am I going to learn Romanian? Rosetta Stone doesn't even offer Romanian. I can't possibly learn a language through a course. My brain just doesn't work that way. I need to do things at my own pace which is SLOW. But Rosetta Stone does make a Vietnamese. But what the fuck am I going to do with Vietnamese when the asshole Western investors are in their hogging up all the real-estate, driving up the prices? Ain't gonna be able to afford Ho Chi Minh City don't think. I could probably afford a backwater in any poor country, but where I am I going to meet women? That's the whole point, right? To find a wife. But even more important, where am I going to get Internet access in the backwater so I could support the wife and child. Maybe a hugely expensive wireless service. Who the fuck knows? There are far worse problems. There are the dangers of the conditions of poverty and social unrest to my hypothetical family. It's madness. The more I look into Plan B, the more mad the plan looks. I keep looking for schemes to cheat the universe out of shit it rightfully took from me like a good job and respect, and sex and children and all that good stuff, but the universe blocks me from all angles. The problem is really a problem of intelligence. I need to know how the system works in these places -- I need the inside scoop. Without knowing this, I end up taking tremendous risks. I cannot afford a world tour of the third world, nor do I have the time as I am already 43 and a half. I don't know the languages. Physically, travelling is very hard for me due to medical problems. Plan B is looking increasingly insane. Rosetta Stone supports Hindi. Maybe India. I'll look into that...

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