Friday, May 22, 2009

The hot 43 year old

I chatted on the chatter with Angel last night at three a.m. She was freaking out. Angel is a beautiful woman. 43 years old, five kids, living on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin. There is one photo of just her wide womanly hips and legs which drives me mad. Another where she is squeezed into these working clothes that are way too small for her. She is a little overweight. I really don't think she realizes that these clothes are too small for her. That's what makes the photo so sexy. The clothes are just barely containing her. She seems horrifically naive about life and men. Can't spell or use grammar but can blog better than me. She blogs about the horror of her dates. She numbers each man she's dated. She titles her blogs by the number of the date. She's currently in the high 80's. My worst dating experience is a typical date for her. It's great pathos. It is hard for me to believe how shitty men treat her. One man who really didn't treat her too well to begin with invites her to his house after only seeing her once. He fucks her than doesn't call her back for a week. It's unreal. I think that it is only because she lives in such a desolate area that a woman who looks this good can be treated like such shit.

She was freaking out about the upcoming meeting with what she calls her E-boyfriend, some 58 year old from California she met online. I can tell the age difference really bothers her. She tells me her father is only two years older. I doubt if this relationship will work. He will probably want to fuck her very badly and she will probably be slightly revolted by him. I give it 10 to 1 odds it doesn't work, but it might. Maybe she is so lonely that she will make it work.

Angel originally contacted me a few months ago. I think she was very put off by the fact that I needed a younger woman so that I can reproduce.

Angel is desperate. I could have been her E-boyfriend instead of the 58 year old. I could have had sex with the hottest 43 year old Mom in the Midwest. I could have been her man-whore, trophy husband -- whatever you want to call it. I cannot tell you how much I would like to have sex with this woman, yet I'm not really sure what we have much in common beyond that we are both horny, like to drink beer, blog, and are trailer-trashy. She is not a good reproduction candidate, and has all those kids already. Christ. They will probably hate me. Everyone will probably hate me for being a freeloader, which I would be. I am vastly more sophisticated than her. I think that would be a big problem.

When I'm old and alone and dying I will probably say to myself, WHY DIDN'T YOU FUCK THE HOT 43 YEAR OLD, YOU ASSHOLE?


Anonymous said...

PLEASE! Don't reproduce!

mymymy said...

Suck a dick. A long one.

GKHL said...

If you plan to meet your Angel you better study up on the Green Bay Packers.
You are probably not as hot as she is so keep that in mind before you go on about her weight.

Of course your desperate ass will go to Wisconsin in winter and freeze to death for something easy.
Remember you are not a star anymore.