Thursday, August 09, 2012

Vote white, moron


Romney said this in a speech in Des Moines recently:

“People who receive payments from the government are going to be required to do work, not as a punitive measure but as a gift. Work is enhancing; work is elevating.”

Romney never worked a day in his life -- not real work that makes one toil and sweat for wages that are so low that it is unreal.  Romney never needed to work. He inherited his money from his rich daddy, who was Governor of Michigan. What the fuck would Mitt Romney know about the virtues of work?

Romney is just trying to stir your juices up, uneducated and angry white male, because he knows that welfare is the racial hot button that might get your inbred white ass to vote for him. Romney has nothing else to offer but tax cuts for the wealthy, which has only made you a lot poorer during the last thirty years and is the cause of the debt that he incessantly bitches and moans about and blames Obama for.

Romney knows you’re a fucking moron, and he’s going to pull your strings, because he knows he can, because he’s a slimy, gonadsucker asshole.

Do your duty, angry white. Put down those bastard welfare mothers, which your little peabrain thinks are all black. They ain’t working hard enough. They ain’t being punished enough. That’ll solve the problem.

You’re a moron. Do your duty. Vote white!

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