Sunday, July 26, 2009

I needed closure

When I was online at okaycupid not too long ago I saw that Cheryl was also online. I had originally met her through Fast Cupid.

I would be very surprised if Cheryl writes back. That’s not really why I wrote her. I wrote her because I needed closure. Everything that I said to her in my message to her below is genuine. I do worry about the poor woman’s back. She had cancer and had a tumor surgically removed very shortly before I saw her.

What I find so weird is that OkayCupid reports that Cheryl hasn’t been written to in a week. I know her profile is very ambiguous but I would think that  a woman as beautiful as her would have her inbox overflowing with solicitations. You normally only see unattractive women getting few responses. Am I the only one who sees her beauty? Had I not met her in person first, would I have not considered her beautiful? She certainly does not look beautiful in her Fast Cupid photos. When I first gazed upon Cheryl I was shocked by how beautiful she was. It took me a good few seconds before I was able to utter “hi.”

Maybe I will wake up tomorrow, horribly regretting what I did. We shall see. For now I feel a great deal of emotional relief. She will at least know how I felt. I will absolutely not contact her again unless she writes me.

Dear Cheryl,

You look very beautiful in these photos. This is the real you. The Fast Cupid photos don't begin to do you justice. I'm so sorry for botching things.

I still worry about your back. I still want to offer to buy you a bottle of goat's milk (knowing full well that you hate that.) I had a lot of trouble letting you go as you really impressed me. I won't bother you anymore. I needed to get this out of my system.