Friday, June 24, 2005

Fan mail from the UK

> Thanks for the effort and expense you go through to produce the show.
> I enjoy it and look forward to the next one.
> My name is Tony and I live in Aldershot in the U.K. (home of the
> British fucking Army).
> I don't listen to the live version, I download the show from A/infos
> Radio Project.
> By the way, you don't sound retarded to me.
> I will donate some money but please bear in mind I'm a poor
> mofo.(made
> redundant from a crap job a while back)
> Regards,
> Tony



Thanks for all your support. It's feedback from people like you who keep me from abandoning the show which is often miserable to do because it seems pointless.

You probably listened to an older show. The show is no longer streamed live and I no longer have a call-in number, so there's no need to send in a donation now, as I have few expenses. So save your money.

I always put a copy of the show on A/infos. You could also download the show directly from the website at


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