Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hey,, you forgot something about Vikas Kapoor…

…he’s a slimy piece of shit.

The people at Vikas Kapoor’s call centers harassed me relentlessly for weeks. They identified themselves, only when asked, as Allied Interstate. They refused to give me their website address. They asked for personal information, including my credit card number. I did not give them a shred of personal information. I refused to even verify that the person whom they were asking for was I. This really irritated them. DON’T GIVE THOSE SLIMEY FUCKERS AN INCH!

They said that I owed money on a Capital One credit card. I called Capital One. Capital One told me that I was not in debt with them. Kapoor’s crew refused to stop harassing me. They never properly identified themselves.

I never owed anyone anything. The credit bureaus made an error. They called this a “system error.” Did anyone apologize? No. Kapoor gets praised not only by Fox Business, but by Wall Street for being the bottom-feeding, money-grubbing piece of shit that he is.

Kapoor seems to have a new gig now. He is a Trustee at Cooper Union.

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