Saturday, December 25, 2010

Update on the loser, Michael Phillips

I did a nine part series about a loser named Michael Phillips.

I have some recent information to report about this piece of human garbage.

He now owns, where there’s an ad on his main page linking to a book on Amazon called Charles Bukowski's Scarlet, printed by a no-name publisher. Michael Phillips is the first to leave his comment on Amazon and, as one would expect of one who makes money off of the very product he is reviewing, gives it an excellent review. I would not be surprised if Phillips was involved in publishing this book. I have never read this book; I have no interest in assholes like Phillips who exploit Bukowski’s name for profit.

Other interesting facts that I’ve learned about Phillips are that not only does he sell his own book, alternative man, on Amazon, but he also writes a glowing review about it on Amazon. I feel bad for any poor bastards who might actually have bought this book. Phillips’ Bukowski derivative poetry really sucks giant elephant penis. I would show you some examples on the Internet, but Phillips seems to have removed these examples after I previously pointed them out.