Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I’m back home, finally


It took me a full week to finally see the Castle District again. It was just at the end of sunset. There were hardly any people. There are a sea of tourists here in the daytime, but never at night. They perhaps don’t know how beautiful Budapest looks at night from up high. I recognized the same alley cat that lives near the Castle that I would see last year. He or she does not like to venture out when there are a lot of people. I was happy to see a familiar face. I looked at Buda and the Danube and the beautifully illuminated bridges and I felt that same feeling that I had forgotten, that Budapest was the center of the universe, and that I had found home.

Budapest has become a little crazier. There’s a lot more homelessness. One would hardly ever see homelessness or beggars on the Buda side before. Apparently, the bathroom business is booming. Hungary is still Hungary though. It hasn’t lost its character. I don’t feel haunted by this place anymore. I have been unable to get out because my knees are fucked up and I can’t walk without pain, but I am at home, and I don’t care.

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