Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Facebook, cannot do it anymore

This was a FastCupid blog post.

The defrienders don't bother me that much, it is the frustration and agony of trying to figure out who the hell it was who did the defriending.

There are many things that I hate about FB. Some of you here are my FB friend, some of you are too good to be my FB friend -- and trust me, you're not nearly as good as you think you are. Some of you I defriended a while ago during a drunken night of madness. I regret this act and every single person that I defriended.

I think that I cannot handle FB anymore. There are two things that really disturbed me about FB recently. One was the woman I was in contact with who I met on OKC. She lived in a rural backwater in the Midwest. She was a quite severely good looking woman, though probably too old to reproduce, and I make it very clear to women that I am looking for someone who can reproduce. I don't however use this language. I thought she was cool. I had mentioned, without even thinking too much about it, that I visit her in Green Bay for a vacation. I would have stayed in a hotel. I was amazed that she offered to have me stay at her house.

I had bashed Obama numerous times on FB. The reason is that Obama pisses me off because I believe he is a war-mongering, business-friendly suckup. I am a Socialist, so what do people expect? In any case, this hot, Midwestern woman says this horrible, defamatory thing right on my FB page about Obama's race. And I'm like, what WTF? It horrified me that I could possibly have been sexing it up with a redneck. And this woman was very beautiful. I could have really, really, sexed it up with a redneck. It makes me shudder just thinking about it. I defriended her and ceased all contact with her. She continues this day to try to refriend me. She does not quit. I probably should have explained to her why I defriended her.

The other disturbing FB situation is another woman whom I have also never met before, yet we established a fairly close bond for penpals. We had also spoken on the phone a few times. I thought she was my friend. I thought she was cool and she understand what a fucking nutjob I could be. Yes, it is true. I did once ask her to leave her boyfriend for me. Though hours later, upon seeing its complete insanity, I told her that I had gone mad and to treat my prior message as a momentarily lapse of sanity. I sometimes go mad, but I am in touch with my madness, and am capable of seeing reality. Not too long afterward, she ceased communicating with me. I don't quite think she understand that I was not as obsessed over her as she thought I was. I don't get too bent out of shape anymore about any woman. I just don't care. I'm not trying to sound cool. I have realized that women don't give me happiness. They give me pain because I do not meet their economic requirements. And I don't really need their sex too badly anymore. If I am to be truly honest with myself, the feeling I feel when women reject me is relief. While I am ultimately responsible for scaring off this FB friend, I actually thought she understand me better, and I am actually no longer interested in being her FB friend and looking at her statuses, yet I cannot defriend her.

Getting back on topic, I'm so fucking tired of Facebook. I am not going to delete the account, because I would appear as defriending all my friends. I think I will just stop posting. I'm not really sure how to get out of it.