Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bastard Brood of Che: #5: God is a Dirty Rotten Kike


Summary: Dickie Richards investigates stereotypes and discovers that Asians and Icelanders
are to blame for just about everything. Moshe investigates JewWatch and finds a
conspicuously absent Jew. He also bashes some Bolsheviks at Free Radio Santa Cruz. There

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Agusto Cesar Sandino Segundo
Ann Paulette Pot
Bill Batista
Bill O'reilly
Senator Bill Frist
Bo Derek
Dickie Richards
DJ Shatter Gerbals
Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld
Laura Ingraham
Raymond Lafferty
Scooter from Innerside Radio (
Tammy Bruce


"African Herbsman" by Bob Marley

"You're Mined" by Wall Street Traitors

"Youria Youria" by Wall Street Traitors



Ketsuke said...

I shall listen to this today at work brother.
We shall continue fighting even though some of us will be rising through corporate America... Then again that is a good position to be in, as the "man on the inside"


Dickie said...

Corporate Whore! Capeetilist Peeeg! Only kidding, you're the man, Ketsukey

fuck off said...

Your pathetic and ugly

Dickie said...

But at least I'm not a retarded asshole. You misspelled the word "Your." It's a contraction of "You are," so the correct spelling is "You're." For example: "You're an inane fucking idiot." You really need to stop embarrassing me. Get a proper fucking education before you attempt to insult someone.

Ketsuke said...

Woohoo! Like always, ready with a well delivered bon mot. Good work.

By the by, I went back and listened to youb BBC#3, absolutely f'ing amazing!! Great stuff there. And yes, I guess I am a corporate whore! but then again, I need to get some sort of capital and a education in order to try to change things. I am, like others out there resigned to play the game for a little while in order to bring change... Oh well..

Anonymous said...

I have been told by the other mysterious anonymous Green party crack pots that we that most of the GP across the U.S. is looking forward to BBC 6. peace.

Dickie said...

O my God, there must be 40, maybe 50 Green Party members nationwide! How will I handle the bandwidth? Only kidding. I tell you what. Send a little payola in my direction and I'll drop the SP like a bad habit and plug the GP.

Anonymous said...

This episode sucks balls dickie. Your (notice the proper usage!) "jokes" about people of other ethnicities and countries only futher to perpetuate the myth that racism is funny and that we should all laugh at the foreigners cause they look funny and are different then us. Well guess what? You look funny too, you dumbass! I wish you would focus your considerable talents on the real problems, ie the mad man adminstration in the white house. I miss 10 billion points of light, I'd vote for that guy. This is just juvenile and stupid humor and you only make me think less of you when you perpetuate these stereotypes. Despite your good intentions, your "analysis" of sterotypes leaves much to be desired and makes me think YOU'RE a real prick.

Hope to see better from you in the future,
A Free Radio Santa Cruz listener and supporter

Harry Belafonte said...

Could you please have more Calypso music on you'r show? I find the lack of Calypso music Anti-Trinidadian, if not outright racist.

P.S. Fuck you and you'r Anti-Trinidadian hatemongerism!

You'rs in struggle,
Harry "Calypso Style" Belafonte

Dickie said...

Hey Hanoi Harry, why don't you go back to Venezuela and suck up some more to your chubby boyfriend, Commie Chavez. Traitor! You want me to play Calypso? I'll give you one word: PAYOLA! It ain't racism. I'll play any music if the price is right.