Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bastard Brood of Che: #3: Fascist Radio Santa Cruz Rouge

Moshe exposes unlicensed pirate radio station Free Radio Santa Cruz as being not the voice of the people as they portray themselves to be, but rather a band of self-serving, self-righteous crusaders who have an abject contempt for free speech as well as the rule of law.

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33_hertz said...

Well, it's either free speech or it ain't. More power to your elbow for making the point to them.

Anonymous said...

You're about as radical as Howard Stern with his $200 million in Sirius stock up his ass.

Your shit is just as reactionary as Limbaugh, who you purport to oppose.

Free Speech is a liberal concept for privileged white men who are ignorant about how they benefit at the expense of others.

Get over yourself.

Dickie said...

If you really think free speech is a liberal concept for privileged white men, then what the hell are you doing exercising free speech on my website? You're an inane fucking idiot. And I know who you are, Ms.-Chichenshit-Anonymous-Poster. Go back to your pissant pulpit at Santa Cruz Rouge, ya fucking slander Nazi.

Strechmark Bob said...

Great Show!
Some people at FRSC have a serious problem with accepting critisism and yes, have NO sense of humor I thought you made your point very well.
FRSC is NOT a free speech station and thats what the "collective" has decided although there are some members that take it too far and want to ban certian types of humor, music, expression and programmers on a "Pirate Radio Station" thats what I dissagree with and continue to fight against. Thanks again for your program.

Wrick said...

Thank you for demonstrating something which has always puzzled me. Why the US left is in disarray and the neo-cons are able to walk all over the people at will. Petty bourgeoise libertarian anarchism prevails over any concept of solidarity or unity in confronting a common enemy. What you present seems to me a petty misdemeanour on the part of Free Santa Cruz, and the obverse side of the excessive political correctness coin. You have more in common with Hal Turner than I think you realise. Perhaps you should be undermining and discrediting him, rather than good hardworking comrades. I think I just felt Che turning in his grave.

Che Is Laughing In His Grave said...

"Petty bourgeoise libertarian anarchism prevails..."

When you hear that kind of language it's time to protect your scrotum.

These authoritarian socialists will kick you right in the balls and then say your balls lacked class consciousness and brought it on themselves.

Their idea of solidarity is conformity to their humorless cult like ideology.

Fuck them and their so called solidarity if they can't take a joke.

Agusto Cesar Sandino Segundo said...

You are a spoiled privilaged white guy commenting about shit you don't understand and on top of that you're not even that funny. It's not about not being able to take a joke, I like jokes. I like humor, I like INTELLIGENT social commentary. Focus your anger on those who really merit it instead of promoting infighting and division amongst the left as wrick said o so well. I find it sad that you even try to associate yourself with Che Guevarra, and it's my opinion that he'd spit in your face if he could. In conclusion, since you told us to go fuck ourselves, go fuck youself too Dickie! It's probably the only fucking you'll be doing anytime soon anyway.

A FREE RADIO Santa Cruz Programmer who doesn't enjoy your show as much as he'd like to.

Dickie said...

Yeah, uh, I'm in a hurry to get back to my white male world of privilege, but I just wanted to let everyone know that the Khmer Rouge contingent at FRSC failed to ban my shit from their pissant little station. This recent fallout over last month's show is a bunch of bitching and moaning from a whiney loser. You lost, fucker. That's right. You lost, ya looooos-errrrr! I have to go back to oppressing non-whites now, as I need to sustain my wonderful world of white privilege. I'll let this Bolshevik get the last word in if he wants. This is becoming a very tired topic.

scrotum defender said...

Sandino and others claim that they like "INTELLIGENT social commentary." But in fact, all they really want is lefty pablum that safely reinforces their preconceived notions and which targets "official enemies" (e.g., the Right). Whether they know it or not, that is the sort of thing that ultimately promotes humorless ideological conformity.

If Dickie had said ALL the same things and made ALL the same jokes -- only he'd instead focused on George Bush -- then these insecure stalinists would hail him as a new comic hero.


Dickie can be funny as fuck, make me think, and offend the hell out of me. At his best, he does them all at the same time.

As a side note, I have to say that I am quite impressed by the ability shown by certain individuals to determine skin color based upon voice patterns.

scrotum defender said...

OK, the "skin color/voice pattern" comment seemed pretty stupid once I noticed that there are photos of Dickie on the site.

Dickie said...

S. Defender,

Thank you for your kind words.

I really wanted to move on to more pressing topics, but I've had enough of these Bolshevik bastards and there snippy, inane fucking comments. They're in for a bash on the next show!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your programs, you make me laugh.

johny radio said...

Dickie, you misspelled "Chichenshit". also, i want to see you your twin in a photo together!

Dickie said...

I used the New Zealand spelling of "Chichenshit". It's correct. When Dickie comes back from his tour I have to ask him to do a photo with me for the site.

martin said...

you didnt do your home work and you got your martins mixed up shame on you slandering my name if you lived in the village of nimbin i would jump of my peace walk and stuff you in a kangeroo after frying you with mushrooms if your going to be a big wig on the net at least get your facts right you faggot .....come see me any time
martin preedy

Dickie said...

Come see you some time? What for? Rough gay Ausie sex in Nimbin? Yeah, ah, some other time...

Now looky here Martin. This is all very vague to me because I did the anti-Martin segment (I don't even remember which show) a long time ago. It's very confusing because there are like, two Martins at your NimFM radio station. One is an evil Martin that looks like a hippie and plays guitar. One is a good guy (at least I thought he was) who used to play my shit on his show. I didn't even realize there were two Martins at the time I did that segment. All I got was this rude e-mail from this asshole from, calling himself Martin. He didn't leave a last name. I still have the e-mail.

If I slandered you, I'm sorry. The trouble for me is, both good and bad Martins seem to use the same goddamn e-mail address and don't leave their last name, so it's makes it questionable if they really are two different people.

Please send me a private e-mail with the show in question that has the remark that you feel has defamed you, and I'll try to fix this situation provided that you not call me a faggot (not that there's anything wrong with a man being with a man) and you stop making threats on my physical well-being. I'm not going all the way to Australia for you to caniabilize me and grill me up with the kangaroos. If you want to eat me, you're paying for the goddamn plane ticket to the United Fucking States, and you better bring your own Kangaroo meat to grill me up with. We don't eat Roo here.

Dickie said...

This is a follow-up to my post made to the gonadsucker -- Martin or whoever he is, accusing me of slandering him, calling me a "faggot", and threatening to eat me. I found the show in question here:

I made no mention of Martin's last name on the show. This is because there was no last name mentioned in the rude-ass e-mail I originally received from Martin at the nimfm address, that I read on the show.

There was however an anonymous comment made in the blog post for the show, connecting the Martin mentioned in the show to someone named Martin Preedy. A URL was given for this person: I didn't authentic this information, nor am I obliged to, because I didn't fucking write it. This was a blog comment on a public blog, you shit-for-fucking-brains!

I don't know who the hell you are, fucker. I don't know which Martin you are or if there is even more than one Martin. You could be a troll for all I know. What I do know is that you're a complete and total loser. So just die, fucker. Stop wasting my air.

And if you want to see me engage in a little faggotry, I'll be more than happy to give you a nice skull fucking. Loser!